Baby and Child Dedication Registration Form

Pilgrim Rest First Steps is a class designed to meet with new parents and parents new to our faith. We share Biblical principles about parenting and raising children to love, know, and fear the Lord. Parents should attend, godparents and babies are always welcome.
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    Traditionally godparents are a married couple who together would raise your child in a Godly manner and support and hold you accountable to do the same.  Whomever you select or have selected as your child’s godparents should be more than merely your friend but two people who share your faith and desire to raise your child to know, love and fear the Lord. 
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Reason for Dedication
    First Steps is a PRErequisite for participating in the baby & child dedication ceremony.  This class and assignments given during it must be completed prior to participation in the ceremony.  I have read and understand that I must first complete the First Steps class prior to participating in the dedication ceremony.
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