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CM Resources for Parents

Interim Director: Dr. Patricia Neff

Homefront Magazine

A spiritual parenting resource, this brilliant magazine offers faith-filled articles and how-to's for family, food, fun, and life in general.

Spiritual Parenting

By Michelle Anthony

“Read this book, and you will change who you are as a family, not merely what you do... when you finish, you will know what being a spiritual parent looks like!”

Parents are, by the power of God’s spirit, to depend on God in order to create home environments that God can use to beckon our kids to Him. Isn’t it time to embrace this simple but revolutionary concept?

The Five Love Languages of Children

By Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell, MD

This book is a wonderful resource for parents who want to raise emotionally healthy children. The authors explain ways children receive and perceive our love, and the book helps parents learn how to keep their children’s emotional love tanks full with unconditional love so that they can then train them and guide them more effectively.

The Action Bible

By David C. Cook

Here’s the most complete picture Bible ever! This book features a captivating up-to-date artwork style making it the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture.

• Over 750 full color pages with illustrations.
• 215 action-packed stories in chronological order.
•Hand-drawn pictures by renowned Marvel and DC Comics artist Sergio Cariello.

Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions

By George Barna

This book deals with one of the major problems faced by today’s church: how can the church (and parents) help children cultivate a biblical worldview?

In the simplest terms, cultivating a biblical worldview means learning to think and act like Jesus. But how can the church, that is, its members (including parents), teach children something their own parents didn’t know how to teach them?

Children's Ministry Events

Find out more info about our special events/ ministries for our youth in addition to the weekly programs: Kingdom Kids Children's Church, PETALS, and other youth activities.

Parent Resources

Spiritual parenting involves inspiring, equipping, supporting, and encouraging parents with resources. Check out these books, magazines, and websites to help with spiritual parenting of your child(ren).

Child Baptism

Baptism is an outward symbol of receiving Christ as one's personal Savior. Baptism occurs monthly on the second Sunday unless otherwise announced. Read more about child baptism class and other requirements of child baptism at PRBC.