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Upcoming Youth Events

Interim Director: Dr. Patricia Neff

Pilgrim Rest is very diligent and concerned about the safety of our children. In order to ensure the safety of all children in our care during all ministry events, please register your child with KidCheck AND with event registration to complete all necessary forms and procedures. Thank you!

For more info, contact Dr. Patricia Neff, Interim Director at (602) 258-0831 or

Children's Ministry Events

Find out more info about our special events/ ministries for our youth in addition to the weekly programs: Kingdom Kids Children's Church, PETALS, and other youth activities.

Parent Resources

Spiritual parenting involves inspiring, equipping, supporting, and encouraging parents with resources. Check out these books, magazines, and websites to help with spiritual parenting of your child(ren).

Child Baptism

Baptism is an outward symbol of receiving Christ as one's personal Savior. Baptism occurs monthly on the second Sunday unless otherwise announced. Read more about child baptism class and other requirements of child baptism at PRBC.