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Baby Dedication Registration

Baby Dedication Services At Our Church - Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
Baby Dedication

Thanking God For the Gift of Life

We have designed our Baby Dedication classes and ceremony to present the child to God and commit his life to the Lord, commit to raising the child with Christian principles and foundation, speak identity into the child’s life, and submit that the Lord must lead us through the process of raising this life.

We do not baptize babies. We believe that baptism is a symbol of our confession of faith after we make a conscious decision to receive Christ as our Savior. Baby dedications are a purposeful tradition, much like Hannah dedicating Samuel to God, where we present a child to God and ask His blessing over the child’s life. In this ceremony, you commit your child as well as your parenting to Him, which you may use in a way that brings glory to God.

Who are baby dedications for?

Generally, any child up to three years old may participate in a baby dedication ceremony.

Baby Dedication Form

    Traditionally, godparents are a married couple who, together, would raise your child in a Godly manner, and support and hold you accountable to do the same. Whoever you select or have selected as your child’s godparents should be more than just your friends. They should be two people who share your faith and desire to raise your child to know, love, and fear the Lord.

    The First Steps class is a prerequisite for participating in the baby and child dedication ceremony. You must complete the class and all assignments before participating in the ceremony. You acknowledge you have read and understood that you must complete the First Steps class to be eligible to participate in the dedication ceremony.