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Child Baptism Registration

A Sacrament To

Initiate, Cleanse, Strengthen, and Welcome.

Our Baptism class is for children who have already received Christ as their Savior and wish to be baptized. We also invite parents of children who have not yet made this decision but are curious and want to learn more about baptism.

As detailed in scripture, we believe baptism is an outward symbol of receiving Christ as one’s personal Savior. It is not salvation and one does not require it to receive salvation. Children who opt for baptism at PR must attend the Baptism class before the actual ceremony. The class discusses, in an age-appropriate manner, Salvation, Baptism, and the importance of a Christian walk as a child. Since this is a significant step in a child’s life, we require at least one parent (preferably both) to attend the class with the candidate.

Registration Form

Please complete and submit the corresponding form to register your child for baptism at PR.


    (Does your child attend the Children's Ministry regularly?)

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    Accepting Christ is a personal decision that children need to make on their own. Parents and families cannot make this decision as it requires a child's own understanding. Normally, children who make this decision are seven years or older. However, God can make Himself known to everyone in His time, and we accept any child who has received Christ as Lord and personal Savior.

    After you take your child to walk down the aisle in church, they need to complete paperwork with the New Members Ministry. If they have not completed this paperwork, they may do so during class. Have you completed the required paperwork?

    Does your child have any special needs that might make this class and its content easier to understand in a smaller or one-on-one setting?

    Completing the Baptism class is necessary before the baptism ceremony. Parents and guardians who fail to have their child attend class but have their child baptized will not receive a Certificate of Baptism. Please remember that you have acknowledged that you read and understood that your child must attend this class before the baptism ceremony.