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Baby Dedication

Our Baby Dedication Ceremony takes place the 5th Sunday of the month, unless otherwise posted or announced at church service. To participate in the Baby Dedication Ceremony, parent(s) must first register their child and attend our Baby Dedication class. Baby Dedication class meets every 3rd Saturday at 10:00AM, unless otherwise posted or announced.

Baby Dedication Classes & Ceremony are designed to:

• Thank God for the gift of life

• Present the child to God and commit his life to the Lord

• Commit to raise child with Christian principles and foundation

• Speak identity into the child’s life

• Submit that the Lord must lead us through the process of raising this life

Who are baby dedications for?

• All children are welcome. Generally children between the ages of birth-3 years participate in baby dedication ceremonies.

• Parents new to Christian faith

What’s the difference between baby dedication and baptism?

We do not baptize babies. We believe that baptism is a symbol of our confession of faith after we have made a decision to receive Christ as our Savior. Baby dedications are a purposeful tradition, much as the one Hannah did where we present a child to God and ask His blessing over that child’s life. In this ceremony we commit not only our child, but our parenting to Him to be used in a way that brings glory to God.