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Family Services Director: Sister Rhoshawndra Carnes


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ACYR is excited to announce the Field School program. The course will begin in January 2020 and will run through May 2020. It is a 16-week long conservation program, youth earn 16 college credits, 5 certifications and are paid for 32 hours per week. This is an awesome career pathway program, we partner with the Bureau of Land Management and Phoenix College.
To participate, youth must:
Be 18-24 years old
Have a diploma or GED
Show interest in conversation, sustainability, natural resources or related field
Pass a background and drug test
Qualify and enroll into WIOA
An information session will be here at ACYR on Wednesday, September 25th starting at 2:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend to learn more!


Pilgrim Rest is offering this employment web page as a resource for individuals seeking employment. 

Pilgrim Rest does not guarantee employment from these job leads. Pilgrim Rest does not assume any liability or responsibility for the information provided, prospective employers, their services, training programs, internships, or employment listings on this page.